What to Expect at an appointment


Wouldn’t you like to know how your animal is physically, emotionally and spiritually feeling?

During an appointment, Catharine can help you ask the important questions you’ve been hoping
to ask your animal for so long. With deep respect and love, Catharine will help create a bridge of compassion, honesty and open communication between you and your animal friend. We will all talk and work together as equals, and fully listen and talk with an open heart and mind. Catharine can help bring peace and harmony into a household when there are big or small changes taking place in a family’s home. Perhaps, you have a new job, or home, or a new baby in the family? Maybe there is an unresolved issue that happened between you and your best friend? These are many of the subjects and discussions that Catharine can talk about with you and your animal.

Animal Communication


$75 for 30 minutes 

$150 for 1 hour

Reiki on pets or people

A practitioner will apply “life force energy” to an animal


$120 for 1 hour

Animal reading parties

$30 per reading

Grief resolution with pets that have passed on

$40 for 30 minutes 

$60 for 1 hour

Pet, people and property clearing

$60 a Session

Communicating with your pet

Connecting with Catharine provides animal communication or Reiki treatments for pets as well as Reiki treatments for people. A practitioner will apply “life force energy” to an animal during a session. Any pet can be seen including dogs, cats, horses and any other animal you have in your family.