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Clairvoyant, animal communicator, and medium

My journey to becoming an animal communicator and medium

Since I was a young girl I have always communicated with animals and Spirit. In my bedroom late at night I would see brilliant flashes of light, or I might have a visit from a relative who recently passed away. Back then I thought everyone did this and didn’t think it was special or unusual. That is until I mentioned it to a few adults who insisted I was “too sensitive” and to keep this discovery to myself. In my twenties, having the abilities to see and hear things and pick up on future events helped me a great deal when I was a teacher for 15 years at a Harvard based day care center in Cambridge. I always knew what the kids were up to long before they even did.

Later working with special needs and non- verbal children, it helped me understand what they needed before others did. When I turned 30 a beloved cat of mine passed away and months later I saw him clear as day one night and I knew I could no longer ignore my abilities. During this time countless animals were coming up to me and my friends often asked for help with their animals. I decided to embrace my gifts and become more open about my abilities I also decided to become an animal communicator and medium full time
and I am so grateful every day I get to work with amazing animals and their families.

In 2009 I earned my Reiki Master degree with Ulie Dettling of Arlington Reiki Association. I also learned Reiki from Lourdes Grey of the John Harvey Reiki School. For two years Danielle MacKinnon was my incredible mentor and teacher in animal communication. I have also studied with Amelia Kinkade and Bruce Butchner as well.

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