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“When I was in Townsend there was a fatal motor vehicle vs pedestrian accident involving a beloved driving instructor. (Ironically, it was the driving instructor who was struck and killed.) The Guy was walking his dog and some poor kid who had worked too many hours at the mall dealing with one of Apple’s new iPhone releases hit and killed him.

Anyhow, the dog flipped out, as you can imagine, and took off. The whole town was searching for it. Combing the woods, posting signs. I mean, everyone was looking for this dog…FD, PD, Boy Scouts…you name It. Three days later I called Catherine Grace. She psychically located the dog, who felt bad that he couldn’t save his owner, his pal, and she talked the animal into returning home. I think I spoke with Catherine at about 3-4 in the afternoon. At 1:00am, a local cop doing a courtesy drive-by, spotted the dog on the front porch! She was also able to locate a dog that had been shot on a property she had never set foot on. Told his owner exactly where he was on the land. She’s the real deal…and I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing!”


“Catharine is a warm and caring person with a heart of gold. On the professional level, she has an incredible gift, and her keen intuition enables her to make connections with animals. I invited her to my home to help my cat with a health issue where she provided the source of the issue along with a resolution. She further offered additional information on other topics which has truly enhanced my cat’s well being. She actually followed up with me which shows how much she cares. I have recommended her to several friends who have been more than satisfied with their experiences. A few of us attended one of her classes and really enjoyed ourselves. I am so happy for the opportunity to know Catharine.”

– Terry

“Our two cats, brother and sister, after getting along very well since birth, suddenly turned on each other and quarreled fiercely and constantly for several months. Traditional medical and behavioral approaches through our veterinarians had zero effect.  We were then referred to Catherine, who came to our home, communicated with our cats, gave us some helpful suggestions of actions we could take to help remedy the situation, and quite literally the next day, after taking these actions, we started seeing immediate improvement. Within a week, they were back to playing, eating and sleeping together, as if they had never been in conflict in the first place. It was a stunning turnaround, and we are incredibly grateful to Catherine for making the trip and working her magic to bring peace back to the household again. We would heartily recommend her.”

Derek and Susan

“Catharine is/has been a gift to me for many years. Her communication with my babies has been instrumental in their well being; most especially, my horse, Aspen. Years ago he was lame, my vet, who is incredible, and well sought after on the whole east coast, was befuddled as to the cause. Catharine was at the barn that day, and although my vet was not a believer he respected my wishes to have her talk to Aspen. After a few moments of silence, as she was listening to what Aspen was telling her, she turned to me and said he wants me to draw a picture for the vet, so, I got her pencil and paper ( mind you, Catharine is not familiar with horse anatomy) and she drew exactly what Aspen was telling her hurt… she turned the paper to my vet and said does this make sense? He looked at Aspen, then at me and said it’s his sacrum, it’s completely dislocated, and that picture is exactly what it looks like. And, at that moment, not only did Catharine and Aspen help us tremendously, my vet was an undeniable convert to animal communication from that moment on….even to this day if I call him with symptoms that Aspen is presenting with, his 1st words are what does Aspen say…”


“My experience with Catharine communicating to my horse, Annabelle, was nothing less than AMAZING!  After talking with Annabelle, she knew things that would be impossible to have found out any other way.  Annabelle told her she had Lyme’s Disease and also told her about how she gets sore and stiff on her right side.  What I loved the most about the experience is that I learned some very important things about my horse’s wishes!  Annabelle prefers the food from a previous barn, music, people food as treats, and would also prefer a massage roller to help her feel better.  I have made all of those changes now and can’t wait to have Catharine back out to see if Annabelle is happy about it!  It was also extremely interesting to hear Annabelle’s opinion of her pasture mate, as well as her pasture mate’s opinion of her.  They were SPOT ON to their personalities!  Annabelle also had a biting problem and Catharine asked her not to bite anymore.  So far, she has stopped biting me!  Don’t hesitate to have her come out and meet your animals!”

  • Kelly

Catharine was recommended to me by a co-worker. I have a miniature Schnauzer and needed clarification/confirmation on her behavior. Catharine was easy to talk to and very polite. We sat in the living room for a while and felt very comfortable with Catharine. She also had something to say about me and my husband. I subsequently recommended her to my daughter and her boyfriend and they are very happy/pleased with Catharine. We are still recommending her to friends and family members. Thank you Catharine for sharing your gift!

– Jessica

“Our dog had developed anxiety during thunderstorms and also would no longer get in the car for any kind of trip (hiking, vet checkups, beach etc). Under both situations he was inconsolable, shaking and panting. Catharine was recommended to me by a good friend, and came to our home to meet with our dog. She connected with him and was able to make suggestions that would make him more comfortable in both situations. We made these changes and now he is so much better, even going to the vet in the car for monthly acupuncture treatments.  Catharine has a wonderful gift being able to connect with animals and people, then translate in the moment, with real solutions that impact for the better all of those involved. Our lives have changed by knowing and welcoming Catharine into our lives; we have also recommended her to our friends and heard about their wonderful and life-changing stories based on Catharine’s visits.”

– Denise

Catharine Grace is gifted – no doubt about it! She is a conduit between our conscious human world and the animals. We all know that we can pet, and use words to communicate simplistically with 4 legged and winged pets but what we don’t realized is how much they listen, respond, and need to share important info with humans.
I urge you, if you are a person that values connection with a nonhuman entity in your life, set up a meeting with Katharine and your buddy. You will not be disappointed. In fact you will be amazed. There are no tricks! Catharine is the real deal and she will enrich your relationship with your nonhuman companion.

– Hillary, a retired veterinarian

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